Stainless steel welding

At MDS Stainless we have extensive experience in welding stainless steel. Our core competence is manufacturing of stainless-steel pipes, but we can produce all kinds of products in stainless steel at a very competitive price level.


We can quickly produce a prototype and put it into production within a short period of time, meaning that we can offer very fast deliveries.

If you choose to have your stainless-steel products welded with us, we guarantee a proper product that meets all requirements. No matter what product you need to have welded we will advise you on the best solution. If you have questions about requirements for durability, whether the product is suitable for certain environments, e.g., the food or wind turbine industry, or something completely different, we have highly experience in the field and will help you all the way through from the idea to the finished product.

At MDS Stainless you can get the welding done both manually and on vending machines.

If it applies to a larger series production of stainless pipes, it is an advantage to make them on a vending machine - on the other hand if you need get made a single special task it can be made manually. Whether automatic or manual welding is used the result is of the same high quality and according to applicable standards.


At MDS Stainless you always can expect professional welds. Whether the welding is done by our highly skilled staff or done by our welding robot - both are done with a tig welder.

This combined with our great competence with production in stainless steel you are always guaranteed a quality product and with many years of experience and focus on manufacturing in stainless steel you will always get higly qualified guidance on your project.

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